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Our Story

Pleasant Hill Farms ……

Where Maternal Power, Performance and Phenotype Matter Most!

Our GOAL is to breed cattle that blend genetics, phenotype, and performance superiority into a product that is sought after by purebred and commercial beef producers alike.

We will strive to provide the commercial beef cattle produces bulls that will sire calves unassisted, hit the ground growing, weigh heavy at weaning and will finish with a premium carcass.  The sisters to these bulls will be herd builders for us as well as anyone else that might own them.  Our genetics will be used by fellow purebred breeders and commercial beef cattle producers to assist them in advancing their respective operations. 

Our FOCUS is to provide the ultimate in customer service, predictable progressive genetics and the most up to date data possible.

Our PASSION is breeding purebred Angus and Simmental beef cattle.

We look forward to sharing the GOAL, FOCUS and PASSION of our program! 
Thank you for your interest in Pleasant Hill Farms. 
Visitors are always welcome.

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