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- Meet The Team -


Gil Cowles

Growing up with access to a farm is one of the greatest blessings in life. Gil R Cowles had that

opportunity and set a goal at a very early age to always keep the family farm going. Both sets

of his Grandparents lived and worked on their respective farms. He spent as much time as

possible on those farms during the first eighteen years of his life. Beef cattle, specifically

registered Angus Beef cattle became his passion. He became a graduate of Western Kentucky

University with a major in Animal Science Agriculture, found a job in ethical pharmaceuticals

and went to work while continuing to build the beef cattle operation.

In 1990, he acquired his Grandparents farm and increased the Angus beef cattle herd.

In 1992, he married the love of his life, Mary Taylor and they began their farm life together.

Contact:  270-791-3526


Corbin Cowles

Corbin is an OSU graduate, he served on the Board of Directors of the National Junior Angus

Association, attended UK’s graduate school and is a licensed auctioneer, employed by Schrader

Real Estate, spends as much time as possible on the farm and is involved in the farming operation.

CONTACT:  270-991-2534


Harvey Mast

We are extremely grateful for the talent, passion and work ethic of Harvey Mast.  Harvey is our “GO TO” around here and has done an exceptional job of managing the entire operation.  His passion is contagious, his attention to detail is second to none and his commitment to excellence is his driving force.  Thank you to Heather and MaKinley for sharing his time and the sacrifices required to allow him to do what he loves.

Contact:  270-791-6873

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