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Pleasant Hill Farms - SimAngus/Simmental Herd Sires

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Pleasant Hill Farms SimAngus Herd Sires

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Registered Name

Registration Number

LF Dream Doctor

DOB: 09/18/04

ASA# 2286763
Partisover Promotion

DOB: 09/13/11

ASA# 2630727
SVF Sledgehammer Z40

DOB: 09/03/12

ASA# 2751217

WAGR Catalyst

DOB: 03/01/15

ASA# 3018738


AI Sires Used

Click to Enlarge Registered Name Registration Number
photo coming soon Mr HOC Broker

DOB: 01/20/10

ASA# 2531081
photo coming soon W/C United 956Y

DOB:  03/03/11

ASA# 2614725
photo coming soon W/C Lock Down 206Z

DOB:  02/29/12

ASA# 2658496
photo coming soon Sandeen Upper Class 2386

DOB: 03/01/12


ASA# 2642004
photo coming soon Profit

DOB: 01/27/14


ASA# 2911662
photo coming soon Ledger

DOB: 07/11/16


ASA# 3240219




Pleasant Hill Farms
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