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 Pleasant Hill Farms - Angus Cattle

In 1967 my Grandfather, James Bogle, gave me a black commercial cow for my fifth birthday. That is the beginning of what has become a true passion in my life and that is to "keep the Family farm running"! Then in 1972 a registered heifer began our Angus operation. She was a Clank of Wye daughter from Mr. Sonny Ennis. I paid $350.00 for her with money that I had saved from Christmas', birthdays and special occasions. (Now I wish I had bought more!) Since that time a few more females have been acquired; however, many of the cattle in our herd trace to that original cow "Maid". In 1990, I got more serious about the cattle business and made two key acquisitions. One was a small set of cows from Oak Hollow Angus and the other a small set of cows from Stone Gate Farms. The performance information behind these two groups of cattle set the baseline for the information that we obtain from our animals today.

In building our program, we had to start from where we were and we constantly set goals to make continual improvement. This is a life long endeavor where improvements come from the mistakes that are made and that enjoying the ride is key to the success of the program. First in 1990, we had a Registered Angus cow base of 12 cows that we needed to emphasize performance from. We added the two groups of cows from the Oak Hollow and Stone Gate total performance programs. Next, we needed to improve the weaning and yearling growth performance of the herd. By using EPDs, studying genetics and performance programs, we added sires from the Jorgensen and Wehrmann programs. Third, we had to add genetics that were going to give us carcass merit. We added sires from the Gardiner program for that piece of herd development. Fourth, in 2009, we began to gather the best phenotype Angus genetics that had maternal ability and performance built in from Champion Hill.  With practical performance, Carcass merit, structural superiority, maternal strength and genetic consistency we are confident in the Angus cattle that we are producing. Today we have the right mix of Angus genetics in place. We are using more and more in herd bred sires with phenomenal results. We continue to use artificial insemination and embryo transfer. 




Pleasant Hill Farms
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